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How to Stop Self-Destructive Behavior

No matter how much you want to change, sometimes it’s hard to know how to stop self-destructive behavior. Are you prone to self-sabotaging, to pretty much setting fire to any good aspects of your life? If so, you likely struggle with self-destructive behavior. Being self-destructive is a symptom of a deeper emotional issue. On the […]

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Is Social Anxiety a Disability?

Is Social Anxiety Considered a Disability? Being nervous when giving a speech in front of an audience is one thing. But can intense, social anxiety be a disability? For most of us, there have been moments in our lives where we felt judged or ridiculed in a public setting. Those events might still be seared […]


What to Expect with Seroquel Withdrawal

Stopping some mental health drugs cold turkey can cause severe withdrawal symptoms. Learn how to safely manage Seroquel withdrawals. Seroquel is a psychoactive drug that is designed to treat people struggling with mental illness. Patients with bipolar disorder, depression, or schizophrenia can benefit from taking this drug, and may take it for a lifetime. There […]

Most Effective Mental Health Treatment

What is The Most Effective Treatment For Mental Illness? When struggling with a persistent mental health issue your whole world just feels “off.” You don’t feel well, you suffer from deep fatigue, you withdraw from friends and family. You just generally are not yourself at all. Because our mental health is so tightly connected to […]