how to stop living in the past

How to Stop Living in the Past

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Why Am I Stuck Living In The Past? Learning how to stop living in the past might just be the best thing you can do for yourself. Each of us is a reflection of all the events that have shaped us during our lifetimes. Our lives are composed…
is social anxiety a disability

Is Social Anxiety a Disability?

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Is Social Anxiety Considered a Disability? Being nervous when giving a speech in front of an audience is one thing. But can intense, social anxiety be a disability? For most of us, there have been moments in our lives where we felt judged…
What to Take for Anxiety

What to Take for Anxiety Disorders

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If you have ever suffered from intense anxiety you are well aware of how important it is to find a safe remedy to help manage the symptoms. In fact, anxiety can be so debilitating that it may have a negative impact on your lifestyle. Many who…