Am I Depressed?

depression screening

Depression is more than a fleeting feeling of sadness or a temporary low mood; it’s a profound mental health condition that affects millions. At Palm Springs Behavioral Health, we recognize the significance of understanding depression and the role screenings can play in its early detection and treatment.

Why Screen for Depression?

Major depressive disorder is not an isolated condition. It ranks as one of the world’s leading causes of disability, touching the lives of millions of Americans annually. With such widespread impact, the need for early detection becomes even more critical.

Screenings for conditions like high blood pressure, diabetes or cholesterol are standard in health care. Similarly, depression screenings should also be a routine part of a doctor’s visit for several reasons.

  • Severity of the illness: Clinical depression is a severe, potentially debilitating medical condition that requires attention and care.
  • Potential for suicide: The possibility of suicide is one of the gravest risks of untreated depression.
  • Misconceptions: Some people might mistakenly dismiss their depression symptoms as a “normal” part of life, underlining the need for education and early detection.
  • Universality: Depression knows no boundaries, affecting people across all age groups, races, and socioeconomic backgrounds.
  • Treatment gap: Many people with severe depression never get the help they need and deserve.
  • Co-occurrence with other illnesses: Depression can accompany and complicate other medical conditions, making its detection pivotal for holistic care.
  • First step to help: Screenings can be the initial step in getting you into therapy.

Depression Screening Quiz

If you’ve found yourself wondering, “Could I be depressed?” make an appointment with your doctor. They will ask you questions about how often you experience these typical symptoms of depression.

  • Persistent feelings of sadness, anxiety, or emptiness.
  • Disruptions in sleep patterns – either insomnia or hypersomnia.
  • Significant changes in appetite and weight.
  • A noticeable loss of interest in previously fun activities.
  • Chronic feelings of irritability or restlessness.
  • Difficulties in concentration, memory, or decision-making.
  • Pervasive feelings of fatigue or energy loss.
  • Frequent thoughts of death or suicide.

While a depression screening can provide invaluable insights, it is not a definitive diagnosis. Still, getting screened for depression is a critical first step in getting the attention you need. If you identify with five or more of these symptoms persistently for over two weeks, or if these symptoms severely disrupt your daily life, consult with a qualified mental health professional.

The Importance of Depression Screenings

Depression is a complex condition, but recovery and a return to well-being are entirely possible with timely screenings and interventions. At Palm Springs Behavioral Health, we’re here to support you every step of the way, ensuring you receive the care, understanding, and guidance you deserve.

Our residential treatment program offers focused services and comprehensive support to help adults achieve stabilization so they can lead happier, healthier lives, armed with tools to mitigate a depression relapse. Speak to our admissions counselors to determine if inpatient depression counseling is right for you.