Our Difference

Why Patients Choose Our Mental Health Center

Choosing to enter a mental health treatment program can be a difficult decision, you want to be assured that you will receive personalized care provided by compassionate professionals within a safe and welcoming environment.

Our patients have chosen Palm Springs Behavioral Health due to our comprehensive staff experienced in evidence based care that dramatically reduces symptoms of mental health disorders.

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Benefits of Treatment at Palm Springs Behavioral Health

The following assets are what set us apart as an esteemed premier behavioral healthcare center in Palm Springs:

Not a psychiatric ward

Our residential homes are comfortable, non-sterile, safe, and familiar. Residential programming at Palm Springs Behavioral Health offers focused services and comprehensive support to help adults achieve stabilization so that they can return home or step down to a less restrictive level of care. Our homes are designed and appointed to feel minimally restrictive or hospital-like.

Personalized treatment for family too

We understand that each family is impacted in a unique way, and we’re committed to providing family with the personalized care and communication that will empower you to heal while your loved one is in treatment and support them when they are out. Our therapists have frequent touchpoints with families, providing them with updates on progress, therapeutic resources, community resources and post-discharge tips. This helps clients and their families make sustained progress during and after their time at our facility.

Therapies that really work

The therapeutic interventions and other activities that are included in your treatment plan will reflect decades of peer-reviewed research as well as the most recent evidence-based advances.

Multidisciplinary treatment team + monitoring

Our 24/7 team are familiar faces, not outsourced contractors. Our team works diligently to ensure that Palm Springs Behavioral Health clients can access familiar staff members when needed. Throughout your time in our care, you will work in active collaboration with a team of dedicated treatment professionals. In addition to their significant training and extensive experience, these experts also possess an unwavering commitment to superior, person-centered service.

In addition to benefiting from the features listed above, when you complete treatment at Palm Springs Behavioral Health, you will also receive a detailed discharge plan to guide your continued progress. Elements in this customized plan include ongoing treatment recommendations, referrals, details about community-based resources, and other information that will help you maintain and build on the progress you made while in our care.

Care That Lasts a Lifetime

The time you spend in treatment at Palm Springs Behavioral Health may be relatively brief, but the service and support you receive here are designed to yield benefits that can truly last a lifetime.

Experience the benefits of mental health treatment at Palm Springs Behavioral Health.