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High-Quality Care Backed by the Department of Mental Health

Palm Springs Behavioral Health by Ken Seeley Mental Wellness, is a licensed behavioral health facility by the California Department of Mental Health Services. Being licensed by a regulatory agency is a critical component of ensuring that individuals receive high-quality care and support for their mental health needs.

The licensing requirements for behavioral health facilities in California are extensive and rigorous, and they are designed to ensure that facilities provide safe and effective care to individuals. Some of the key requirements for licensing include:

  • Staffing Requirements: Behavioral health facilities must have a sufficient number of qualified staff members to provide care and support to individuals. Staff must be trained and licensed to provide services, including medical and mental health care.
  • Clinical Oversight: Behavioral health facilities must have a licensed clinical director who is responsible for overseeing the clinical operations of the facility, including treatment planning, therapy, and medication management.
  • Safety and Security: Behavioral health facilities must provide a safe and secure environment for individuals. This includes measures such as security systems, safety protocols, and emergency response plans.
  • Quality Assurance: Behavioral health facilities must have a quality assurance program in place to ensure that the facility provides high-quality care and that staff members adhere to clinical and safety protocols.

Designated to Provide Mental Health Care

The importance of seeking treatment at a licensed facility cannot be overstated. At our mental wellness facility, we are committed to providing high-quality care to individuals struggling with mental health issues. Being licensed by the California Department of Mental Health Services is a critical component of our approach to care. Our facility is designed to provide a safe and supportive environment for individuals to work through their mental health issues and develop the skills they need to manage their symptoms.

Find mental wellness at Palm Springs Behavioral Health: an accredited facility leveraging evidence-based practices for lasting recovery.