how to stop self destructive behavior

How to Stop Self-Destructive Behavior

No matter how much you want to change, sometimes it’s hard to know how to stop self-destructive behavior. Are you prone to self-sabotaging, to pretty much setting fire to any good aspects of your life? If so, you likely struggle with self-destructive…
how to stop living in the past

How to Stop Living in the Past

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Why Am I Stuck Living In The Past? Learning how to stop living in the past might just be the best thing you can do for yourself. Each of us is a reflection of all the events that have shaped us during our lifetimes. Our lives are composed…
is social anxiety a disability

Is Social Anxiety a Disability?

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Is Social Anxiety Considered a Disability? Being nervous when giving a speech in front of an audience is one thing. But can intense, social anxiety be a disability? For most of us, there have been moments in our lives where we felt judged…
Drug Induced Mania

Drug Induced Mania and Psychosis

Drug Induced Mania Learn how certain drugs can bring about a state of mania. The manic state is a psychological state that features a burst of energy, rapid speech, and reduced need for sleep. This state of being is a common feature of bipolar,…
recovery and wellness

8 Recovery and Wellness Strategies After Addiction Treatment

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Exploring Ways to Boost Recovery and Wellness After Rehab Life in recovery is as good as you want to make it. With a clean slate and a fresh beginning, the sky’s the limit. Now that you are on the road to a healthy lifestyle, why not improve…
Psychiatric Emergency

How to Handle a Psychiatric Emergency

What Is Considered A Psychiatric Emergency? Learn what to do if a loved one suffers a mental health emergency. Most of us do not realize how fragile our mental health is. We may hum along, able to handle life’s ups and downs… until one…
bipolar medication

Stabilization and Bipolar Medication

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Bipolar disorder is one of the most difficult mental health disorders to live with. From one day to the next those who struggle with bipolar disorder never know which mood state will rise to the surface. These moods, whether a depressive episode…
What to Take for Anxiety

What to Take for Anxiety Disorders

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If you have ever suffered from intense anxiety you are well aware of how important it is to find a safe remedy to help manage the symptoms. In fact, anxiety can be so debilitating that it may have a negative impact on your lifestyle. Many who…
most effective mental health treatment

Most Effective Mental Health Treatment

What is The Most Effective Treatment For Mental Illness? When struggling with a persistent mental health issue your whole world just feels “off.” You don’t feel well, you suffer from deep fatigue, you withdraw from friends and family.…
mental illness warning signs

Mental Illness Warning Signs and Symptoms

Trying to tell the difference between what expected behaviors are and what might be the signs of a mental illness isn't always easy. There's no easy test that can let someone know if there is mental illness or if actions and thoughts might be…